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We’re a passionate group of difference makers. The work we do matters. We get to positively impact the clients we work for and the customers we serve every week. We’re a tight-knit crew focused on bringing our best, encouraging each other, and enjoying the daily challenges our work throws at us.  

What we do

We are a Kansas City luxury estate sale company. When our clients move or downsize, our team goes into their house to organize, stage, price, advertise, and host a multi-day sale. When we’re finished our clients get a large check to fund their next adventure and a completely empty house ready to be sold. The work we do every day matters. We have a positive impact on the lives of those we serve. We love that. We love working in a business that, at the end of the day, serves others well.

Why we are different

We are a group of A-game players. Our goal is to change the estate sale industry and we bring 100% every day to make that happen. From how we stage our houses to the professional photography; from our over-the-top customer service on sale days to how we clean the house after the sale, we’re out to raise the bar. Our company has won several awards including Kansas City’s 25 under 25, Ingram’s Fast 50, and we’ve ranked twice on the INC 5,000 fastest growing companies in the US. We’ve also been featured in the Kansas City Star, KMBC 9, KCTV 5, The Kansas City Business Journal, The Pitch, and Thinking Bigger Media.

three reasons to work with us

  • First and foremost, we have an Amazing Culture. We care about each other, encourage each other, call each other up to be our best and do our best.  We care about people even it doesn’t result in more profit. We care about personal growth even if it doesn’t benefit the company. We have quarterly team parties to connect and celebrate our recent wins. Ask most of our team what their favorite thing is about working for BB, and their answer is “culture”.


  • Variety of Work. Every week we’re in a new house, full of items we’ve never seen before, helping a new client. We’re essentially a pop-up retail store dealing with 100% fresh inventory with every new project. Each new house has somewhere between 2,000 – 6,000 items in it that all need organized, staged, priced, and advertised. We regularly see a unique item in a house we’ve never seen before. The challenges we encounter change every week, and the job is always interesting and different.


  • We are a company doing industry-leading work, and We Have Big Plans For The Future. In 2018 we launched our sister company Circle Auction, adding depth to our services and more positions for our team to grow into. As the company continues to grow, there will be new opportunities for team members to be promoted into new roles and responsibilities.

Our Values:

People Matter Always

We ask the question, “How would I want to be treated?”

Good Soil

We cultivate a thriving culture; a safe place where we all can grow.

"I Am Responsible"

You are responsible for yourself, your role, and your growth.

Strategic Effectiveness

We are strategic in what we focus on and intentional about how we do our work.

BPA Experience

We exceed expectations and work to Blow People Away.

Visual Excellence

We present a well crafted visual experience to anyone who interacts with us.

years in business

Star rating on glassdoor

Current team members

Cups Of Coffee

“Profit isn’t a purpose, it’s a result. To have purpose means the things we do are of real value to others.” -Simon Senek

We’re looking for:

We love our work and the people we work with, so we’re a little picky about who joins our crew. Culture is very, very important to us. We’re a group of hard working, hard playing, encouraging, positive people, and that’s the type of new team members we’re on the hunt for.
  • Self Motivated – 90%
  • positive attitude – 95%
  • Team Player – 85%
We have a culture of good soil and of personal responsibility. We honor each other, and give preference to others. A highlight of our weekly meetings is the “shout-outs”. Team members highlight each others work and celebrate any wins for the past week.
What our team has to say:
We asked a couple of our team members in different positions to give some positives and honest challenges of their job to help paint a full color picture of what working at Brown Button is like:
“I love the change of scenery and I seem to learn something new every week. Sometimes you have to think outside the box to get the job done.”

Support Team Manager

“One of my favorite parts of my job is the versatility. I get to work on everything from estate sale advertising to client agreements to sale accounting, and am always learning something new. Sometimes it can feel a bit like a juggling act!”

Project Manager

“The variety of work keeps things enticing, fresh, and exciting! It allows me to attack a variety of problems with a positive attitude and with great support from coworkers.”

Staging Team Manager

“I love beginning everyday with the excitement of tackling unexpected challenges and further expanding my skill set.”


Senior Pricer

Positions with openings right now:

Support Team – $250 Signing Bonus

(We’re currently offering a $250 signing bonus for new support team members. Bonus paid after 30 days on the job.)

The support team is the “muscle” of our crew. They manage the majority of our furniture moves and drive our vans + trailers for furniture delivery and supplies drop offs. They move the majority of the furniture and large items in our houses during the staging process. They help remove doors, cabinets, and assemble furniture as needed. They’re an integral part of our sale day team; helping customers throughout the sale, running our register, and helping customers load large items and furniture into their vehicles. After the sale the support team focuses on cleaning out the house and managing the donation process. It is a physical job that often involves moving furniture.

You should be able to consistently lift 50 pounds and occasionally lift up to 100 pounds.

Pay is between $13-$16 hour depending on qualifications and experience.

  • Physically Fit 90% 90%
  • Resourcefulness and Initiative 75% 75%
  • Team Player 90% 90%

Part Time Sale Day Assistants

The sale day team servers our shoppers on sales days (most often Thursday through Saturday). We strive to bring BPA (blow-people-away) customer service through answering customer questions, running the register, rearranging the house throughout the sale, and helping customers load items to their car. Previous retail experience is a plus and ability to work most Saturdays is preferred. 

Pay range is $13-$15/hour.

  • Great Guest Service 90% 90%
  • Team Player 80% 80%
  • Fast Paced 85% 85%

Expert Pricer

In our estate sales and auctions we have found everything from a 4kt diamond ring, original Gary Larson hand drawn comics, civil war military items, Louis Vuitton & Hermes bags, mid century modern design icons, 18th C. French furniture, and a pair of Thomas Hart Benton watercolor paintings. Having pricers on our team with a depth of identification and pricing knowledge is very very important to our company’s success. Our expert pricers focus on the higher value items in the house and often specialize in one or two categories. Memory retention, research ability, and an open dialog for feedback are necessary. A background in buying & selling or a high level of exposure to brands, designers, companies, styles, time periods, art history, etc. is important. Depending on the level of experience and specialities, our expert pricers may also help with cataloging with our sister company Circle Auction.

Expert Pricers conduct the majority of their pricing research on a smartphone. Owning a smartphone and phone literacy is a must.

Pay is between $18 – $30 hour depending on qualifications and experience.

  • Open Dialog for Feedback 85% 85%
  • Background in Pricing or Identification 95% 95%
  • Self Motivated 90% 90%

Entry Pricer

Each sale the pricers individually sticker and assign a value to somewhere between 1,500 and 4,000 items. Entry Level Pricers focus on the generally lower value items in the house, often pricing several hundred items a day. As their ability grows, so will their pricing responsibility. Quick research is a regular part of the job. Enjoying the learning process, good memory retention, and being able to positively accept regular feedback are all keys to the position. Many of our pricers also work sale days, answering customer questions and bringing BPA (blow-people-away) customer service.

Entry Pricers conduct the majority of their pricing research on a smartphone. Owning a smartphone and phone literacy is a must.

Pay is between $13-$18 hour depending on qualifications and experience.

  • Can Make 100s of Quick Decisions A Day 90% 90%
  • Enjoys Learning 85% 85%
  • Positively Accepts and Implements Feedback 95% 95%

Other positions:


Our company is multi-faceted and has lots of different areas in which our team members work. We’re always on the lookout for new quality team members. If you have a skill set we didn’t mention but think you could bring value – by all means fill out an application and tell us how you would be a good fit. We’ll make up a position for the right person with the right skills. 

Staging Manager

The Staging Manager is responsible for making our estate sales look amazing. They know the difference between expensive and inexpensive items and how to highlight the former. While staging, they group similar styled items together making rooms feel cohesive. Additionally, they manage the whole staging team, craft an organization/staging plan for each house, and give feedback to their team as needed. Interior design skills, leadership, and being quick on your feet are all necessary in this role. Backgrounds in interior design or related fields, and a degree in art history are both helpful but not necessary.

Our staging manager will orchestrating the set up process through a project management app. Owning a smartphone and phone literacy is a must.

Pay ranges between $16 – $20 an hour.

  • Interior Design Skills 95% 95%
  • Quick at Decision Making 85% 85%
  • Leadership Skills 90% 90%
  • Knowledge of Design and Art History 80% 80%

Fashion Pricer

We’re looking for a full or part time fashion pricer to join our team. The fashion pricer is in charge of organizing, staging, and pricing all of the fashion which can vary from 100 pieces to 1,000 depending on the project. We deal with about 80% contemporary fashion purchased in the last 15 years and 20% vintage fashion. Monthly we handle Plaza brands like Anthropologie, Chicos, Talbots, Banana Republic, J. Crew, Coach, and Kate Spade. In our luxury sales we see brands like Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Chanel, Valentino, Gucci and occasionally pieces by Hermes. A wide knowledge base of fashion brands is essential, and exposure to retail pricing is a plus. Fashion Pricers conduct the majority of their pricing research on a smartphone, so owning a smartphone and phone literacy is a must.

Pay is between $10-$15/hour depending on experience and effectiveness. We are ideally looking for a full time team member but are willing to explore part time as well.

  • Knowledge Of Fashion Brands 95% 95%
  • Knowledge Of Retail Fashion Pricing 80% 80%
  • Positive Attitude and Self Motivated 85% 85%
  • Effectiveness And Efficiency 90% 90%

Staging Assistants


Staging Assistants spend most of their time organizing the house and staging under the direction of the staging manager. While organizing in the house they sort through all the rooms, drawers, cabinets, and closets; grouping and sorting items of higher and lower value. After our houses are fully staged we open a three day sale to the public. The staging team spends the later days of the week helping with these sale days. We strive to bring BPA (blow-people-away) customer service through answering customer questions, running the register, rearranging the house throughout the sale, and helping customers load items to their car.


Pay starts at $13 hour.


  • Self Motivated 90% 90%
  • Fast Paced 80% 80%
  • Great Guest Service 85% 85%

Ready to take the next step?

Fill out our team application below. After it’s completed, send a copy of your resume to sales@brownbutton.com