Support Team (Mover)

The support team is the “muscle” of our crew. They manage the majority of our furniture moves and drive our vans + trailers for furniture delivery and supplies drop offs. They move the majority of the furniture and large items in our houses during the staging process. They help remove doors, cabinets, and assemble furniture as needed. They’re an integral part of our sale day team; helping customers throughout the sale, running our register, and helping customers load large items and furniture into their vehicles. After the sale the support team focuses on cleaning out the house and managing the donation process. It is a physical job that often involves moving furniture.

You should be able to consistently lift 50 pounds and occasionally lift up to 100 pounds.

Pay is between $15-$18 per hour for Full Time, depending on qualifications, experience, and ability to drive a work van with a trailer in tow.

Pay is between $13-$16 per hour for Part Time, depending on qualifications and experience.

  • Physically Fit – 90%
  • Resourcefulness and Initiative – 75%
  • Team Player – 90%

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