Entry Level Jewelry Pricer

The Entry Level Jewelry Pricer is in charge of pricing, advertising, and staging most of the jewelry in our estate sales, the amount of which can vary from project to project. We deal with everything from low value costume jewelry to fine jewelry selling for thousands of dollars. The entry level jewelry pricer is responsible for recognizing and setting aside higher value jewelry that would need to be reviewed by a gemologist, while efficiently pricing all other items. Some knowledge of identifying costume vs fine jewelry, identifying precious metals, jewelry designer and brand markings, and testing precious metals is helpful, but not required as training is provided. As the amount of jewelry changes from week to week this role may assist in pricing other areas and working sale days, which involves answering customer questions and bringing BPA (blow-people-away) customer service.

Pay is between $13 & $18/hr depending on qualifications and experience.

  • Positive Attitude and Self-Motivated – 85%
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency – 90%
  • Enjoys Learning – 85%

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