New to Auctions?

An introduction to Circle Auction, Brown Button’s Online Auction Service

We love estate sales. We’re passionate about them. We love serving others well, creating a unique shopping experience, and getting to handle interesting items every week. 

But over the years, we’ve realized that often, the most interesting items don’t get sold in an estate sale. Sellers would send the most unique and significant items to an auction house before they gave us a call. Admittedly, not everything should be sold in an estate sale.

So we had an idea: What if we started an auction house? 

What if we could bring our Brown Button level of customer service to the auction industry and create a synergy between the two services? Our auction services could then attract significant collections of art, mid century design, antiques, and fine jewelry; the type of collections our customers would never have the opportunity to see in a Brown Button sale alone.

In 2018 the Brown Button team launched Circle Auction with the goal of connecting buyers and sellers around Kansas City’s most significant items. 

Since then Circle Auction has become the peanut butter to Brown Buttons jelly, enabling us to serve our clients better and offer unique collections to our shoppers through our quarterly auctions.

What Types of Items Does Circle Sell?

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Buying At Auction

How to buy at auction in four simple steps:



Create an account so you can participate in any upcoming auctions.



We hold an in person previews at our Kansas City headquarters so you can view the items in person if you wish. We have music playing, wine to drink, and can answer any questions you might have. It’s definitely a fun introduction to our auctions.



Online, through our Circle Auction app, or over the phone. Each auction is online and open for bidding for two weeks.



We offer free home delivery to all winning buyers in the Kansas City area. Pickup at our offices and shipping for long distance buyers is also available.