Staging Manager

The Staging Manager is responsible for making our estate sales look amazing. They know the difference between expensive and inexpensive items and how to highlight the former. While staging, they group similar styled items together making rooms feel cohesive. Additionally, they manage the whole staging team, craft an organization/staging plan for each house, and give feedback to their team as needed. Interior design skills, ability to lead a team, problem solving, and being quick on your feet are all necessary in this role. Backgrounds in interior design or related fields, and a degree in art history are both helpful but not necessary.

Our staging manager will orchestrate the set up process through a project management app. Owning a smartphone and phone literacy is a must.

Pay ranges between $18 – $22 an hour.

  • Interior Design Skills – 95%
  • Quick at Decision Making – 85%
  • Leadership Skills – 90%
  • Knowledge of Design and Art History – 80%

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