What is a luxury estate sale?

A luxury estate sale involves the bulk selling of high-end or significant items from a person’s estate, often itself a luxury home. This could include items such as designer clothing, fine art, high-end furniture, fine jewelry,  and other high-value items. Luxury estate sales are organized by professional estate sale companies who have experience handling those top of market items and navigating the unique challenges of high profile sales. These sales are typically held on-site at the person’s estate, and can attract a wide range of buyers due to the unique and high-quality nature of the items being sold. Generally, these sales are held to facilitate the home being emptied.

What types of items can be sold in a luxury estate sale?

A luxury estate sale can include a wide range of high-end or significant items. Some specific examples include:

  • Designer clothing and accessories by brands like: Louis Vuitton, Channel, Fendi, Prada, Burberry, Hermes, and Gucci.
  • Fine art and sculptures including: original oil paintings, signed lithographs, bronze and marble sculptures, yard sculptures, and limited edition prints.
  • High-end furniture and home decor by brands like: Maitland Smith, Baker, Theodore Alexander, Henredon, Karges, Paul Roberts, and Kittinger.
  • Fine jewelry and watches by designers such as: Rolex, TIffany, David Yurman, Cartier, Roberto Coin, as well as diamond and gemstone pieces.
  • Antiques like: 18th and 19th century furniture, European decorative arts, antique paintings and prints, hand painted enamels, carved stone busts, silver, and rugs. 
  • Significant collections like: coins, rare books, and watches. 

Essentially, any type of high-value item that is no longer needed or wanted by the estate owner can potentially be sold at a luxury estate sale.

Why would someone want to have a luxury estate sale?

There are several reasons why someone might choose to have a luxury estate sale. Some common reasons include:

  • To liquidate the assets of a deceased loved one’s estate.
  • To downsize and sell items from a larger home or property.
  • To sell off a large volume of high-end or luxury items that are no longer needed or wanted.
  • To clear out the real estate of unneeded items so that the property can be sold.
A luxury modern Hallbrook Leawood estate sale hosted by Brown Button.

Who conducts luxury estate sales in the Kansas City area?

While several companies in the Kansas City area conduct luxury sales every once in a while, Brown Button Estate Sales are known for them. Brown Button has built a team of pricing experts, interior designers, logistics managers, and professional photographers/marketers specifically to handle high end sales. Over the last ten years, the Brown Button team has handle luxury estate sales for:

  • Two professional MLB baseball players
  • Cerner and Yellow Freight C-Suite executives
  • Bob Regnier, Founder and CEO of Blue Valley Bank
  • Webster House for Shirley Bush Helzberg
  • Significant and well known Kansas City collectors
  • The former estate of a Kansas City Chiefs player

In addition to specific projects, we regularly host high end sales in Kansas City’s most notable neighborhoods like: Mission Hills, Hallbrook, Tomahawk Creek, Sunset Hills, Country Club District, Mills Farms, and Mission Farms.

What is the first step to explore having a luxury estate sale?

We offer a free in home consultation to explore if our estate sale service is the right fit for you. Our estate sale guide will walk you through how we can help make the process simple, easy, and stress free.

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