How To Find Estate Sales Near Me

Your in depth guide to finding the best estate sales near you each week in Kansas City.

Estate sales make for fun weekend outings. Searching for one-of-a-kind items can be like a treasure hunt of sorts, and often you’ll get excellent deals on everything from original art to antique furniture. Whether you’re looking for mid century modern, designer clothing, tools, or toys, you can find almost anything at an estate sale.

Depending on the time of year, there are between 20 and 50 estate sales taking place every week. 

The sales take place all throughout the metro, in neighborhoods from Cedar Creek in Olathe and Lionsgate in Overland Park to Hallbrook in Leawood and Hyde Park in midtown Kansas City. So, how do you find them?

Finding Estate Sales Near Me In Kansas City

The best resource for finding nearly all the estate sales taking place in Kansas City is They’re also the best resource for finding the ones nearest to you. They are the largest estate sale listing site and have the most comprehensive listings of all the sales each week. 

You can search by a zip code or a city name: Leawood, Overland Park, Mission Hills, or Kansas City, and find all the sales near that area.

Explore, the largest listing site for estate sales each week.

Listings are furnished with detailed sale descriptions previewing the items available, pictures of items, directions, and dates and times of the sale. 

The app also works quite well. You can set up alerts for specific items or locations. It’s the best resource for identifying the sales near you. You can use their pinpoint location feature and it will show you all the sales on a map in relation to where you are. 

Shopping High End Estate Sales in KC

On any given week you can find a range of estate sales taking place. From small vintage filled bungalow sales to $1M Mission Hills estates. Where do you search if you’re only interested in the high end sales?

That is the type of sale we do often here at Brown Button. We host two sales nearly every week, and they are generally in Kansas City high end neighborhoods: Hallbrook, Mission Hills, South Overland Park, Leawood, Liongsgate, Briarcliff, Cedar Creek, Berkshire, and South Plaza to name a few.

The benefit of shopping high end luxury sales is the unique items offered. Designer handbags, original paintings, sculptures, hand knotted rugs, fine jewelry, significant antiques, and top of the line brands from appliances to electronics, crystal to cookware. These are the regular stapes of a Brown Button sale. You can view our upcoming estate sales here or sign up to receive an email for each of our sales

Join the Brown Button email list to stay up to date with our weekly high end estate sales.

Finding Estate Sales on Craiglist

Craigslist can also be a good resource to find estate sales in the Kansas City area. Many of the local companies who list their sales on will also list them here. What you’re really on the hunt for is an estate sale listed by a homeowner conducting it themselves. These tend to be more modest but occasionally you’ll stumble across an interesting vintage packed sale.

The biggest benefit of shopping a sale hosted by the homeowner, is the increase chance of finding a great deal. You’re much more likely to find significantly underpriced items that’s been missed at these sales. The homeowners aren’t professionals so the pricing tends to be a bit more erratic.

You can browse the “For Sale” and “Garage Sale” sections of Craigslist to find current or upcoming sales in the metro. Listings will usually include location-specific keywords, making it easier to find sales in Prairie Village or even exact neighborhoods such as Hyde Park.

You can also set up email alerts to ensure no Craigslist post slips through the cracks.

Finding KC Estate Sales in the Newspaper

It may seem old-fashioned, but estate sales are still advertised in local papers. This is especially true of rural areas, but you can still find listings in urban and suburban areas like Leawood or Overland Park.

You won’t find many sales listed here that’s not already on, but occasionally you might find a homeone hosted sale that isn’t listed on the other sites. 

Finding Estate Sales Near Me With Yard Signs

Most of the estate sale companies hosting sales each week will put up neighborhood arrow signs to catch the drive by traffic. These signs tend to be printed and have a professional vibe. If you see a handwritten estate sale sign, that’s a good indicator of a sale that might not have been listed online, so it might have low traffic and thus the best items might still be available. 

Follow Your Favorite KC Estate Sale Companies

Once you’ve gone to a few estate sales in the Kansas City area, you’ll know which companies tend to host the types of sales you enjoy visiting. 

You can then stay connected with these specific companies and informed about impending estate sales by following them on social media or joining their email list to stay up to date on their sales. 

Brown Button posts favorite finds and behind the scenes discoveries weekly on our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

If you want to join in the Brown Button weekly treasure hunt, you can visit our upcoming sales page or sign up to receive our weekly sales email

Whether you are vintage vinyl hunting in Hyde Park Kansas City or trying to find a stylish designer handbag in Hallbrook Leawood – we wish you happy hunting on your next estate sale outing!

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