Brown Button’s Michael Fry Named a 2023 KCBJ NextGen Leader

Michael Fry, CEO and co-founder of Brown Button Estate Sales, has been recognized as a NextGen Leader by the Kansas City Business Journal. The prestigious 2023 list features the promising leaders of the future, providing an illuminating snapshot of what the next wave of CEOs, presidents, and executive directors will bring to the business world in Kansas City.

The NextGen Leaders program, now in its 12th year, presents an opportunity to spotlight the emerging talent shaping the face of industries across the KC metro. It was designed to offer a glimpse into the future, identifying the next generation of visionaries ready to drive innovation, push boundaries, and influence the future trajectory of their respective fields.

Michael Fry – highlighted in the Kansas City Business Journal as a 2023 NextGen Leader

“The 25 chosen honorees were carefully selected by a panel of judges,” explained Mary King, the editor of the Kansas City Business Journal. “The program recognizes budding talent and connects emerging leaders.”

Fry’s inclusion in this list is a testament to his leadership qualities, care for his team, and a proactive approach that is paving the way for Brown Button Estate Sale’s future growth. It also reaffirms the company’s commitment to living up to its core value: creating a positive work culture, caring for people, and creating an environment that cultivates personal responsibility.

“At Brown Button, we have always admired Michael for his leadership style.” said co-founder and brother James Fry. “His passion for teaching, his dedication to guiding his team forward, and his deep-seated concern for each team member is something we really appreciate.”

Drawing on the words of author and speaker Simon Sinek, “Leadership is not a rank or a position, it is a choice – a choice to look after the person to the left of us and the person to the right of us.” It’s a philosophy that Fry shoots to live up to, embodying the spirit of leadership that puts people first. His inclusion as a NextGen Leader is an honoring recognition of growth he has intensionally fostered as a leader.

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