Brown Button hosts an estate sale in the historic Van Noy Mansion

Between June 30th and July 2nd, a piece of Kansas City’s storied past came alive in an energetic fashion during an estate sale at the historic Van Noy Mansion. The well known Swope Park adjacent estate had recently been sold (it received over 20,000 views on Zillow in the first week up for sale) and […]

Brown Button’s Michael Fry Named a 2023 KCBJ NextGen Leader

Kansas City Business Journal NextGen leader Michael Fry

Michael Fry, CEO and co-founder of Brown Button Estate Sales, has been recognized as a NextGen Leader by the Kansas City Business Journal. The prestigious 2023 list features the promising leaders of the future, providing an illuminating snapshot of what the next wave of CEOs, presidents, and executive directors will bring to the business world […]

The Benefits of Estate Sales for Trust Officers

Mission Hills estate sale hosted in partnership with trust officer.

Trust officers have a challenging job. They manage a variety of financial responsibilities for their clients, including estate planning, investment management, and administration of trusts. One aspect of a trust officer’s potential duties that can be incredibly time-consuming and stressful is the handling of an estate sale. Partnering with a professional estate sale company can […]

1797 Handwritten George Washington Letter Up For Auction 

George Washington is known as one of the most iconic figures in American history, as he played a pivotal role in the country’s founding and early development. His leadership as the first President of the United States helped to establish many of the country’s foundational policies and principles. After his presidency, Washington remained a prominent […]

Brown Button hosts the Estate Sale of MLB All-Star Albert Pujols

Albert Pujols estate sale by Brown Button

In March of 2023 Brown Button hosted a moving sale on behalf of one of Major League Baseball’s greatest hitters, Albert Pujols. This was the third sale that the company had hosted for an MLB player. Pujols was selling his 10,000 sqft home in the Tuscany Reserve neighborhood of Leawood, KS to move to the […]

How Much Do Estate Sale Companies Charge?

how much do estate sale companies charge

Understanding Estate Sale Company Costs and Services Hiring an estate sale company is not the same process as hiring a plumber. Most people only have one estate sale in their life and finding the right company is a very important task. Do your homework to understand industry norms around commission structure, services provided, and any […]

What is a luxury estate sale?

paintings furniture and decor in an estate sale

A luxury estate sale involves the bulk selling of high-end or significant items from a person’s estate, often itself a luxury home. This could include items such as designer clothing, fine art, high-end furniture, fine jewelry,  and other high-value items. Luxury estate sales are organized by professional estate sale companies who have experience handling those […]

What is an estate sale and how do they work?

Shoppers at an estate sale

An estate sale is often mistaken for an estate auction or garage sale, when in actuality they work quite differently. Although estate sales are gaining popularity, they have not yet reached the same level of recognition as other more common services, and thus leads to confusion by the general public. In this article, we will […]

Brown Button Hosts Estate Sale of Royals Pitcher Ian Kennedy

Brown Button Estate Sale of Royals Pitcher Ian Kennedy

In March of 2022 former Royals pitcher, Ian Kennedy, signed a contract with the Arizona Diamondbacks prompting a move and the sale of his $2.9M, 12,500 sqft home in south Overland Park, KS. With a house full of items, a cross country move in front of him and Spring Training in full swing, Kennedy hired […]