What is a luxury estate sale?

paintings furniture and decor in an estate sale

A luxury estate sale involves the bulk selling of high-end or significant items from a person’s estate, often itself a luxury home. This could include items such as designer clothing, fine art, high-end furniture, fine jewelry,  and other high-value items. Luxury estate sales are organized by professional estate sale companies who have experience handling those […]

What is an estate sale and how do they work?

Shoppers at an estate sale

An estate sale is often mistaken for an estate auction or garage sale, when in actuality they work quite differently. Although estate sales are gaining popularity, they have not yet reached the same level of recognition as other more common services, and thus leads to confusion by the general public. In this article, we will […]

How to Find The Best Estate Sale Company

You’ve in the middle of a big transition in life. Moving, downsizing, possibly a family member has passed away and you’re thinking about an estate sale. How do you find a quality company? How will their service look like? How much will they charge? We’ll answer these questions and more in our step by step […]