14 Questions To Ask When Hiring An Estate Sale Company

estate sale company in action

How to Hire An Estate Sale Company Most people who hire an estate sale company do so just once in their lives, so when you’re seeking to hire a company to handle your estate or the estate of a loved one, it is difficult to know what questions to ask. The estate sale industry is […]

Recent Brown Button Sale Featured on KCTV5

We had a great time filming this excerpt with Gina Bullard of KCTV5’s News In The Morning.  The video below features a luxury downsizing estate sale that we ran in Parkville on Oct 19th through 21st.

An Unusual Collection of Peter Obsvik for Stokke Furniture

In the luxury estate sale industry, the Brown Button team is most often working in very beautiful homes with fairly traditional decor schemes. Our current sale in Briarcliff (September 14-16, 2017) does not follow this traditional line.

Danish Modern Furniture

Ingmar Relling, Poul Hundevad, Ejner Larsen, Aksel Bender Madsen; Four mid century Danish designers with pieces represented in our upcoming Mission Hills estate sale. Being in the middle of a project with such a fine collection of Danish modern furniture has encouraged us to delve into the history and impact of Scandinavian design.

Charles-François Daubigny

We have several members on the Brown Button team with a strong interest and appreciation of art history. So when we come across a really exceptional piece of fine art in one of the estates, we get pretty excited.