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Download “5 Common Mistakes Made When Downsizing”

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Download “5 Common Mistakes Made When Downsizing”

Enter your name and email below to find out what not to do when downsizing.

Downsizing is stressful. We make it simple.

Downsizing is often overwhelming and time-consuming. What will you do with all the stuff you no longer need? How do you navigate the burden of items you no longer want? Simple: You call Brown Button and let us do it for you.

We’ll sell your unneeded items when you move or downsize, leaving you with a clean, empty house and funds for your next adventure. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Estate Sales Are About Freedom

Freedom from stress. From being encumbered.

The freedom to just walk away and leave your burden to us. Our expert team provides an easy, stress-free, simplified process that frees you from the things you no longer need. With help from our team, you can focus on building your new life and leave the rest to us.

Who Will Be Working On Your Estate Sale?

Certified Appraisers

Interior Designers

Certified Gemologists

Fashion Specialists

Antiques & Jewelry Specialists

Fine Art Specialists

Downsizing Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

Let us simplify it for you.


Take the items you love to your next home.

Decide what you’re keeping and bring it to your new place.


Leave what you no longer need.

We’ll plan to sell whatever you’re not taking with you.


We’ll handle the rest!

Our team handles all the work of transforming your items into a boutique store. After the estate sale, you’ll be left with a clean, empty house and funds for your next adventure.

Our award-winning team will handle all the work, saving you an abundance of time and stress.

We’ll organize, price, and sell all your unneeded items.

Why Choose Us?

We conduct your sale in a professional, respectful, manner that honors your home and belongings.

We offer knowledgeable pricing and handling of your items

We get your house completely clean, empty, and ready for its next chapter.

We make the whole process simple, easy, and stress-free.

What Does It Look Like When We’re Finished?

Your home will be clean, completely empty, and ready to close.

You will receive a significant check to fund your next adventure.

You'll be walking in a new freedom, not held back by the stuff you don’t need.

leawood ks estate sale before leawood ks estate sale after


500+ Sales & Counting

From art filled homes in Mission Hills to modern collections in Hallbrook Leawood, our team has handled significant sales across the Kansas City area.

Our Proven Process

The Brown Button team will organize, stage, and transform your house into a boutique store. Our certified appraisers will research and pricing everything in the house from the art and jewelry to the fashion and kitchen items.

The sale is advertised to our 13,000 email subscribers and 25,000 social media followers.

We then open the doors and invite the public to shop inside the house over 2 or 3 days. After the sale our team handles any remaining items that need to be donated.

When we are finished, the house is left completely clean, empty, and ready for its next chapter.

Real Results

We currently have only 4 openings remaining in the next ten weeks.


In most cases it takes two weeks from start to finish.

From the $10 kitchen utensils to the $10,000 original painting, our team handles it all. Monthly our sales includes such items/categories as:

  • Fine and costume jewelry
  • Designer furniture
  • Household decor
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Paintings, prints, and sculptures
  • Vintage and antique items
  • Kitchen items and glassware
  • Household items
  • Electronics
  • Rugs
  • Tools and garage items
  • Exercise equipment
  • Grand Pianos
  • Coin collections
  • Books
  • Vehicles

Not at all. Our job is to make this process simple, easy, and stress free for you. Take the items you love to your next home and leave all the work to us.


Yes, we have liability coverage, workers compensation, and are bonded. Unfortunately, this isn’t the norm in our industry. According to a recent national survey of estate sales companies: 62% are not bonded and a quarter of all companies don’t carry liability insurance.


Both scenarios work great for us. Your Realtor might have a preference as it impacts how the house will show on the market – staged or empty.


We work with a local non-profit 501c3 charity that picks up any remaining items after the sale.

Clean and empty. We understand that a clean empty house is often one of the biggest goals in having an estate sale. We work with a local 501C3 charity to donate any remaining items after the sale. We have an optional service for our team to remove all the trash from the estate and have the house cleaned to your specifications. When we’re finished, the house is clean, empty, and ready to close.


We are a commission based company. We love that, because it puts us on the same team. You pay no up front costs and we’re incentivized to maximize the value of your estate. Our commissions range from 38% – 52% and depend on the size of your estate. The more value in the estate, the lower your commission.


We’re more expensive because we offer the most comprehensive estate sale service in Kansas City. If you want white glove service, the ability to trust it will all be handled, the freedom to truly walk away and leave your project to us – that’s when you hire our team.

We encourage you to explore other companies and compare them to our service:
13,000 email subscribers
25,000 social media followers
Our yearly estate sales average is $39,000 compared to the national average of $19,500
We deliver on our promises. To date we have over 350 five star online reviews, the highest of any Kansas City estate sale company.
We’re bonded, insured, and all our team members have background checks.
We have three certified appraisers and a gemologist on staff.
We’re the preferred vendor for high end Realtors and HOA’s including Loch Lloyd and Tomahawk Creek.
After each sale, we donate any remaining items, remove trash, and leave the house cleaned, empty, and ready to close.



Knowledgeable pricing is one of the biggest challenges for an estate sale company – that’s why we have three certified appraisers and a gemologist on our team. Over the years we’ve sold museum quality paintings for over $100,000, designer fashion by every major label, fine furniture by every significant brand, and antiques from every era. Because we are commission based, we’re very motivated to correctly identify and sell your items for their highest value. We take our time, do our research, and utilize the resources of our sister company Circle Auction.


Unfortunately no. Our process is quite intensive as we bring an entire team of organizers, stagers, pricers, and advertisers to transform your house into a boutique store. If this is a big challenge for you, we can brainstorm solutions during our free home consultation