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The estate sale industry is unique in the world of service industries. We ask consumers to trust us with the keys to their home and access to all their life’s accumulation, but what most people don’t know is that our industry has no licensing or regulation. This lack of regulation facilitates free enterprise and provides options for consumers, but it also allows for companies to operate without best business practices, and at times, take advantage of their clients.

Michael & James Fry, owners of Brown Button, were approached by Martin Codina (author of Liquidating An Estate and owner of Fine Estate Liquidation-San Fransisco) in the summer of 2014 to join a coalition of quality estate sale companies with the goal of forming a non-profit trade association for the estate sale industry. A group of ten estate sale companies from across the country met in person and by phone over 20 months time to build an organization that can influence and lead the industry. Out of the work of these companies was born the National Estate Sale Association. Brown Button is excited about the future of this association and how it will impact the estate sale industry.