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Customers Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of common questions from our awesome customers.
Can anyone attend an estate sale?
Yes, anyone is more than welcome to attend our estate sales. They are completely open to the public. The dates for each sale and our open hours can be found on the upcoming sales page. 
Where do I find the addresses for your estate sales?
We post the address for each of our sales the day before the sale opens. You can find that address three different ways: on the sale listing in our upcoming sales page, on our Facebook page, or you can join our email list and we’ll send you an email with all the sales info including the address.
I'm at the sale and I want to purchase an item that is too large to carry to the register, what do I do?
We use a “Pull Tag” system for large items. Most items that are too large to carry will have a price tag located inside a sleeve. If you intent to purchase that item simply pull the price tag from the sleeve and bring it to the register. Pulling the price tag will mark the item as sold and no other guests will be able to purchase it. Please do not pull a tag if you do not intend to purchase the item.

Once you have paid for the item we will either assist you in loading the item or fill out a pick up form for pick up at a later time.

Where do I find the addresses for your estate sales?
We post the address for each of our sales the day before the sale opens. You can find that address three different ways: on the sale listing in our upcoming sales page, on our Facebook page, or you can join our email list and we’ll send you an email with all the sales info including the address.
Do you do any pre-sales or pre-views before the official opening day?
No we do not. We’re not fond of the idea of only letting a select few in a sale early to pick it over. Our sales and the items inside are offered first come, first serve at the official opening day of the sale.
Where is your store located and what are your open hours?
We do not own any store front location but occasionally we do hold sales off site. We post the address & time for our sales the day before the sale opens. You can find that information on our upcoming sales page.
If an item is pictured or listed in the description, is it for sure going to be in the sale?
99.9% of the time the answer is yes. We have had a few incidents is the last few years where the owners have pulled an item from the sale the day before it opens. We always try to update our description and photos in that event.
Can I call or email asking for the price of a specific item?
Unfortunately we are unable to answer pricing inquiries for our customers before the sale opens. This is due to the high volume of requests and pricing not being finalized until we open. We are more than happy after the sale has opened to answer any pricing or availability questions. The best way to reach us on a sale day is to give us a call at 913.815.0505
I saw a price tag on one of your preview photos. Can I count on that to be the price at the sale?
Prices are not final until the sale opens. Final appraisals on certain pieces may happen up to a day before a sale opens and tags are adjusted if an item has been priced too high or low during an earlier phase of preparation.
What is your return policy?
We offer returns for items purchased within the last 24 hours that have been found to be in non-working condition.

– Click here for FAQs on Returns –

I attended one of your sales, and the music I heard playing on your surround sound system made me want to dance. Is that acceptable?
Foot tapping and mild swaying are encouraged. Because of the fragile nature of many of the items for sale we do ask that all rigorous dance moves be kept to a minimum.
Do you accept credit cards and/or checks at your sale?
We accept credit and debit cards without a minimum. We do not accept checks for purchases over $30. You will need to present a valid (non temporary) state issued ID, phone number, and current address to make a payment by check.
If I purchase a large item, am I able to pick it up at a different time or day?
Absolutely! We will fill out a digital pick up form and send you an email with your purchased items. When you arrive to pick up your item show any team member your confirmation email and they will be happy to help you load out your item. Items can be picked up any time during out open hours. If you are unable to pick up your item during open hours we may be able to prearrange a meeting for Monday or Tuesday pickup. Any items not picked up after our final date will be donated with no refund.
Do you deliver large items?

Customers can now choose to have most items delivered to their house for a fee. Delivery is available within 15 miles of the sale house. $90 per standard item & $175 per extra large item. Items requiring more than two movers or disassembly may have additional charges. 

Are any of the items available for purchase after the sale is over?
No they are not. All the items in the estate are available for sale during our open sale hours.  After the sale closes, we work with a charity to take care of any remaining items.
I saw an item in your advertising that I want to purchase, could you hold it for me until I arrive at the sale?
We do not hold any items without payment.
Do you discount your items as the sale progresses?
Yes we do. Most of the time the first day of the sale all the items in the house are full price. The second day of the sale everything is 20% off the marked price. The third day is 50% off the marked price. If our discount schedule is different for some reason we will include the change in our advertising. We also accept bids throughout the sale which is explained below.
Do you have a bidding system and how does it work?
Our bidding system is designed to give customers the chance to purchase an item at a lower discount than that days price. For example if you come to one of our sales on the second day and see a sofa marked $500 (with the second day discount of 20% making it $400)  you could leave a bid for a lower price. You would fill a digital form on our ipad located at the bid table near the register, or visit www.brownbutton.com/bids from your smartphone. The following day the sofa will be 50% off or $250, so your bid price needs to fall between the current $400 price and the next days $250 price. This is a closed bidding system, so your offered price won’t be seen by other customers nor will you have the change to change your bid after you place it. We review all bids after we close each night. Winning bids are called back between 5:00 and 7:00 pm. We must physically speak with you on the phone to confirm that you are the winning bidder. If we cannot get ahold of you to confirm then we cannot accept your bid. Once we confirm with you that you have won a bid we will pull your item from the sale. You have until 11:00 am the next day to pay for your item. You do not have to remove the item by 11:00am, but we do need payment.

A few additional notes about bids: 1. If you are leaving a bid then you need to be 100% committed to purchasing that item. If you are not 100% committed then please do not leave a bid. 2. Bids must be at least 60% of the full price in order to be accepted during the sale. 3. You are welcome to leave “low-ball”  lower than 50% off bids. These won’t be considered during the sale days, but in the instance an item doesn’t sell we might call one of these bids. 4. If we do not receive payment for an item by the designated time and cannot communicate with the bidder we will put the item back out for sale. In this circumstance the bidder will be indefinitely removed from our bidding system. 5. On occasion we have a bidder call us back the next day and tell us they don’t want the item any more. At that point we’ve already marked the item sold and missed the chance to sell that item to many potential customers. If this happens you will be excluded from our bidding system indefinitely. Please do not leave a bid unless you are 100% committed to purchasing that item.

If I show up early for a sale do I have to hold my spot in line or is there a list or ticket system?
Kansas City is unique in the estate sale industry in that we are the only region (that we’re aware of) that utilizes the marker system. If you show up early for a sale you might find a trail of small items heading away from the door. These are placeholders for peoples spot in line. When you arrive at the sale you are welcome to put an item down at the end of the trail to hold your spot. You cannot come the night before, put a marker down and leave (as we’ve had attempted). You are welcome to wait in your car. Customers often enjoy doing this when it is raining or because of the early hour they arrive. Three clarifications: 1. Any small item will do as a line marker – a canvas bag, pack of gum, mug, etc. 2. You do not need to have a marker if you plan on physically standing in line. But please honor the markers already down. 3. If you show up within twenty minutes or later of a sale opening  everyone is finding their place in line, thus a marker is not needed.