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Not in an attempt to make anyone jealous, but we here at Brown Button have quite the exciting ever changing job. Nearly every week we're running across some item that astounds us with its uniquness. We get to open boxes and trunks that have been sealed for 60 years. It is a regular accurance to be amazed by what we find. Unfortunately we can't invite all of our friends and fans into the estates we're setting up to see our discoveries. So in an attempt to achieve what we consider to be the next best possibility - we photograph, video, & post our adventures as often as we can. We are very active on our social media platforms, if you have any interest is antiques, vintage, estate sales, team dynamics, helping people, or enjoying life's adventure to the fullest - then you might just enjoy what we have to share.


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We are posting our estate sale stories online nearly everyday. Depending on your social media platform of choice, you’ll see varying numbers of posts from us. Facebook is by far our favorite way to connect with our fans and at times we even post more than once a day. Instagram several times a week, Twitter several times a month, Pinterest whenever an image grabs our attention (or we have an image worth grabbing others attention), and for certain sales we post a full video walk through on Youtube.

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