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Clients Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of common questions from our clients.
How do you charge for your services?

Our services are paid for by a percentage of the total estate sales gross. We’re a big fan of this percentage system. It puts us on the same team. If the sale is a giant success you win and we win. The percentage is different for each sale and is based on many factors including – the size of the sale, location, types of items included, and the amount of work involved. We let you know what percentage we would charge during the free in home consultation.

How fast am I paid after the sale?

We understand that getting a check quickly is of high importance. All of our clients receive their payment in full within seven days of the sale closing.

Do you do any pre-sales or pre-views before the offcial opening day?

No we do not. We’re not fond of the idea of only letting a select few in a sale early to pick it over. Our sales and the items inside are offered first come, first serve at the official opening day of the sale.


What do you do with any items that are left over after the sale?

What happens to the remaining items is ultimately up to the client. Most often the remaining items are donated. We have a relationship with a local charity that can pick up any left over items and write a tax deduction receipt. Occasionally a client will want to keep a few items before the rest are donated.

Can I live in the house while you are setting up the sale?

Unfortunately we are unable to work in a home that someone is living in.

How long do you typically work inside a house?

From the first day of organization to the last day of the clean out we’re typically in a house 1.5 – 2 weeks.

What steps do you take to protect the property?

We offer optoinal floor protector to cover the carpets and hardwoods throughout the house. We also staff several extra team members during each day of the sale. This is for the specific purpose of moving furniture. Our team members take extra care when moving larger items to insure the house is not damaged.

What can I do to prepare for the in home consultation?

The number one way to prepare is to be 100% clear on what will and will not be included in the sale. The in home consultation is a two way interview. You are interviewing Brown Button to see if we’re the best fit for your needs, and Brown Button is interviewing you. We have a fairly large team and a specific system for conducting estate sales, which makes some opportunities not the best fit for us. Clearly knowing what will be included makes sure the two way interview can accomplish it’s goals. Bonus points for having pieces labeled that will not be apart of the sale.

What steps do you take to insure the sale doesn't upset my neighbors?

We send letters to all the houses in close proximity notifying them of the sale. The letter also includes a small discount as a recognition of the inconvenience. We have a large sign by the front door asking customers to be mindful of the neighborhood and where they park. We also post custom no parking signs on one side of the street to insure that traffic flows smoothly.

What type of accounting / itemization can I expect after the sale?

You will receive detailed accounting that shows the total of each transaction broken out by cash, check, and credit card payments received each day of the sale. We also give you with an itemized list of every item we sold originally priced over $100. Sales for items under $100 are represented in category totals.

Can you provide references from previous clients?

You can view reviews from our previous clients on our testimonials page, on Yelp, and on Google+. We’ve had multiple previous clients offer to give a phone reference to anyone interested in using our services. To obtain their information visit our contact page.

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