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The two main reasons people turn to consignment to sell their items:

Small Group To Be Sold

A dozen pieces of name brand furniture, a painting by a known artist, a collection of designer handbags – while these are all very desirable items they aren’t enough for a full estate sale. In contrast, consigning is a perfect solution for these smaller groups of items.

Unable To Hold A Sale On Site

Due to limitations in time frame or HOA restrictions, some families are unable to have an estate sale hosted in their home. In these circumstances they turn to consignment as an alternative. Even if you have an full estate that needs moved off site to be sold; we’re equipped to handle the entire process.

What does the consignment process look like?

A - Fill Out Our Online Form

The first step in the process is for us to understand what you have to consign. We have an online form to fill out which leads you through the process of describing your items. Once the form is complete we ask that you also email us a few photos.

B - We Find You A Solution

Our team takes that information and proposes a solution for your items. Generally that is one of three options – 1. We find an estate we’re already working in that matches quality and style of your items. If the estate has extra room we add your items to the sale. Consignment items are tracked separately through our register software and we provide accurate sale accounting to each client post-sale. 2. We professionally photograph your items and sell them using online venues. 3. There are some occasions where we honestly aren’t the best fit, but we are committed to helping you find a solution. We’ve intentionally built relationships with other quality estate sale and auction companies in town. If we’re not the best company to assist you, we will help connect you to a trustworthy, capable company who is.

Consigned Bauhaus Furniture & Household Decor

Sold for $9,400

Consigned Lexus RX300

Sold for $10,350

C - Set A Commission

Our company gets paid by a commission of the total sales. That percentage will vary depending on a number of factors including the quality & quantity of the items, the working time frame, and whether the items will be dropped off or if our company is handling the pickup. Please note that consignment commissions are typically higher than an estate sale due to increased costs and lower sale totals.  The percentage will be agreed upon in a written agreement prior to selling your items.

D - You Get Paid

At the end of the process you’ll receive a check for your sale proceeds along with the written accounting.  Should any items remain unsold and you opted for us to donate them as part of our service, you will also receive a tax donation receipt. If your items were included in an estate sale, you will receive payment within seven days of the last sale day. If your items were sold online, the written agreement will specify time range for the items to be sold and payment to be received.

“My mother and I decided to liquidate her remaining inventory from buying and selling antiques. WE HAD QUITE A LOT! We had attended a Brown Button sale before so we gave them a call. We consolidated within another sale and were totally impressesd with their displaying and advertising . And even more impressed at our check we received after sale, including a donation tax receipt, for things that didnt sell. Very organized and very professional. We are VERY happy!”

Angie Shafer / Consigned an antique collection into one of our Overland Park estate sales.

Are there any guidelines or criteria for the consignment you accept?


Due to the number of  requests each week, we set a few guidelines for the types of consignment we accept. As a group, the total estimated value of your consignment should be $3,000 or more. When consignment is added into another estate sale, the consignment needs to match the quality of the house and the included individual items should be valued at a minimum of $25 each.


Below is a list of the item categories that work well as consignment.

Consigned Thomas Hart Benton Lithograph

Sold for $2,500

Consigned 1979 Fiat Spider

Sold for $8,000

Consigned Antique & Collectables Collection

Sold for $7,200

Consigned Gold Necklace & Bracelet

Sold for $1,800

Consigned Massive Coin Collection

Sold for $18,000

Consigned Gigantic Carnaval Glass Collection

Sold for $7,700

Consigned Eyvind Earle Lithographs

Sold for $2,600


Name Brand Furniture


Original Art


Coin Collections






Antique Furniture




Designer Handbags, Shoes, & Clothing


Antique Collections


Bronzes, Sculptures, & Statues


Precious Metals


Vintage Collections

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