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Have a specific question about one of our upcoming sales?

Great. We would love to hear from you. A couple quick notes first. We get quite a large volume of requests asking the price of a specific item. Unfortunately we’re unable to respond to these questions before the sale opens for two reasons. 1 – The prices are not finalized until we actually open the sale. We’ve told customers a price before, then had the owner ask us to change the price. That is an awkward situation that we try and avoid. 2 – In the past when we’ve let customers know the price of an item, they then ask the price of another item, then another. It turned into a bit of the “give a mouse a cookie” scenario. While we love helping our customers in that way, trying to do so while setting up and pricing an entire household was not a good fit for us.

We realize that knowing the price of an item before making a trek to an estate sale can be quite helpful. For that reason we’ll answer any pricing or item availability questions you might have as soon as our sale is officially open. So if you’ve been eyeballing the photo of that beautiful antique wall clock for a week now but don’t want to make the drive unless it’s under $200 – feel free to ask. Just wait to do so until the sale is open.


Any other questions concerning the specific of a sale we’re happy to answer.

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